For Over Fifteen Years We Have Been Providing Exceptional Sales, Service, and Support to End Users, Resellers, and Distributors Worldwide.


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Supplying New and Refurbished -



as "Like New". When this business started over 15 years ago, John strictly dealt in buying and selling large lots between dealers and resellers. Over time, he became dismayed with what others passed off as refurbished. Thus began his mission of redefining the quality and standards for refurbished products. This is why we can provide, with our refurbished units, an All Perils 1 Year Warranty; this is a better warranty than the manufacturers provide with their new product.   


A Complete Solution For Your Business




  • New and Refurbished

  •  HandHelds

  •  Barcode Scanners

  •  Thermal Printers

  •  Components

  • Bulk Lots (buy and sell)

  • To Customers, Resellers, Dealers, and Distributers

  • Our ecommerce site & ebay


  • Time and Material Repairs

  • Service/Maintenance Contracts

  • Manufacturing

  • Refurbishement Single and Lot

  • Complete HW/SW Solutions

  • Mass Config/Deployment

Contract Options

  • All Perils

  • Shipping Incl.

  • Custom SLAs

  • 1 to 4 Years Duration

  • Guaranteed Price

  • Additional Spares

Product Line

  • Honeywell

  • Intermec

  • Symbol

  • Motorola

  • Datamax/O'Neil

  • Zebra

  • Plus Many More

Service Contracts

A Happy Employee is One Who Works with Equipment Under Service Contract from Preowned Barcode; this Ensures Their Equipment is Continually Functioning at Full Capacity. And, with Our All Perils Coverage, Even the Occasional Oopsies Are Also Covered. 
Examples below are for Full Comprehensive/All Perils and include Two Way Shipping. Coverage for up to 4 years is available. 

Intermec ModelDuration
Price (US$)
CK3R1 Year $240
CK3X1 Year$240
CN70A1 Year$205
CN70E1 Year$225
CK711 Year$235
CN501 Year$135
CN511 Year$175

We Were Green Before Green was Keen (is it still groovy to say keen?)

At Preowned Barcode, we are committed to reducing electronics found in landfills (and have been for 15+ years). Through the buying of used components, we are able to dramatically minimize electronic waste, while providing savings to our customers. With approximately 70% of our inventory being recycled components, we do our part to help conserve natural resources, as well as ensure the health of our planet for future generations.

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